Thursday, August 7, 2014

Oh, Poppy.

I just asked Poppy what she did on recess. She said, "Collin wanted to fight with me so I took him down!"

Shaking my head. We just can't figure out where she came from lol

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hey, I'm doing it!

This made me emotional when I looked up the numbers this morning, so I had to share. I started my pregnancy with Oz at 166lbs. At 32 weeks I was 204lbs and I got up to 215 before he was born. Started this one at 198.6 (in the obese range for my height) and am currently 195-197ish. I've definitely had some splurge days but overall I'm really proud of how I've held myself accountable for taking care of my body and the baby during this pregnancy so far. I've gained 45-55 pounds with all 3 of my other kids (no matter if I started at 175, 190 or 166) and honestly I was terrified of what getting up to 250 this time would do to my overall health and in terms of increasing prenatal risk of complications for both of us. I've never really lost weight during breastfeeding, either (gained, actually) so it'll be interesting to see if I can keep on track with nutrition and slowly but steadily get back down to a healthy weight (I'm 5'7", so 159 is where I get into the 'normal' range) while still maintaining a good supply.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

First day of school!

Last night was Back to School Night for Lolli and Poppy. Poppy is excited to have the same teacher Lolli had last year - Mrs. Copeland! She got a special lanyard with her name on it to wear to school today to help make sure she got to the right place. Lolli's teacher is Mrs. Purciful. She seems very nice and likes swimming and the color blue, so Lolli's happy! She also has 4-5 girlfriends in her class so she feels right at home. Poppy didn't know any of her classmates but it won't take her long to make friends. This morning the girls were up and ready to go an hour before the bus came. They waited out front with their neighbor friends and when it was time to get on the bus, Poppy insisted in being first - no fear! Hope they have a great day :)

Monday, July 28, 2014

32 weeks pregnant

Laurenn is 32 weeks pregnant today. Everything is going well! She's still 2-3 pounds down from where she was the day she found out she was pregnant but baby is growing well. He's a wiggle worm!! As of yet he's still nameless although we know his middle name will be Swain. Can't believe it's time to start buying birth supplies and getting ready to welcome the final member of the Pucillo 6!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Poppy's birthday party

Today was Poppy's 5th birthday party. She invited Lolli, Paige, Kendall, Stella, Vivica and Elise. All the family came, too. The special guest was Kimmy Cupcake! The girls had so much fun doing karaoke, glitter crafts (cupcakes, tiaras and magnets), getting their makeup done and getting glitter tattoos. It was a hit and the kids had so much fun - especially the birthday girl, who got tons of fabulous gifts!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Poppy's 5th birthday

Zach was out of towen today so Lolli and Ozzie went to Gma Bowen's while Lauren took Poppy out for a day of birthday fun. First they went to Sharkey's where Poppy got her hair curled and glittered, her nails painted and glittered, and her make up done. They also gave her a bracelet and a birthday tiara. She was so happy! Then they walked around downtown Carmel and had lunch at Bubs. So many people told Poppy happy birthday. She was eating it up! And then the Bubs staff surprised her with a sundae and singing Happy Birthday to her. She got a little shy because she did not see that coming! Too cute. Afterwards it was off to Children's Place where Poppy chose a new dress and shoes. Her makeover was complete! Lauren also got a great deal on backpacks for all 3 kids. Lolli's is hot pink sparkles and cheetah. Poppy's is shiny blue with stars. Ozzie's is gray and orange with sports balls on it. So fun! After Poppy opened gifts back at Gma Great.s, Lolli spent the night at Gma Cathy's while Lauren, Pop and Oz went to O'Charley's with Papaw Lucky. They gave Poppy some birthday pie so she brought it home and ate it in Lauren's bed while they watched Enchanted together. She had a great day!

Conner Prairie!

Zach woke up with the idea that they should go to Conner Prairie today. So they headed north on an adventure! Lauren hadn't been since she was a child and Zach and the kids had never been so no one knew quite what to expect. It was great! The kids were fascinated by the hot air balloon (that they didn't get to ride - $15 a person!) and loved the store and playground. They learned about the Lenape Indians and had such an experience in the petting barn. They petted a 4-day-old goat! They had fun trying stilts and playing dress up in 1836. Zach had a blast in the Civil War Part although the girls were worried he was really going to go to war. The water area was Lolli's favorite - Poppy got soaked! Ozzie liked petting the big black horse in the field. On the way out Zach upgraded their tickets to a membership so they can go back. So fun!