Thursday, March 26, 2015

Augie's 6 months old!

He weighs 17lbs 5oz and is 26.5in long. He hasn't really started solids yet. He can hold his own bottle of pumped milk but he also still nurses from the boob. Such a versatile guy! He can sit up for a while but still topples over. He hates tummy time. He sleeps in a woombie with his arms out on his back in his mini crib in the guest room. He likes to get up at every odd hour. He usually sleeps til 7 or 8 now, though - hooray for no more 4am wake up times! He's getting more hair but it's see-through so he looks pretty bald. His tickle spot is on his chunky thighs. His older siblings love him like crazy and he loves them! He's very tolerant of their constant manhandling. His favorite thing to chew on are his feet :) He has 2 bottom teeth that are very sharp. He gets a kick out of shaking his head no. He loves peek a boo and being surprised.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


The kids went to the dentist this morning. Mom goofed up and took them a day early - their appt was actually for tomorrow! But they were able to squeeze them in - so lucky!

The staff couldn't resist Augie and the dentist even said that my three kids are the best behaved ones he has out of all of his clients. He said if any of our friends have similarly behaved children to please refer them to him because they make his day ha ha

And they all got A's for their brushing! A few of Poppys teeth were declared slightly wiggly so she was thrilled. Lolli's 6 year molars are all the way in. Ozzie's stil working on his 2 year ones. The tooth he messed up in the couch jumping disaster is stable again and only slightly discolored so all is well!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tooth Number 6!

lolli twisted out her 2nd top front tooth last night! She's already lost 4 on bottom so now she's up to 6! The tooth fairy brought her $3 :)

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Augie's first sick visit...

...and he isn't sick at all! He's had a cold and been super fussy the past 3-4 days. Tonight he was screaming in a way they'd never heard before so Zach and Lauren decided to take him to Immediate Care to get his ears checked. But he napped on the way there and woke up smiling at the nurses. Grrrr! He weighed in at 13lbs 9oz which is more than Oz and Lolli weighed at this age so he's growing well!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

It was the first Christmas for the completed Pucillo family of 6! Lolli's 7, Poppy's 5, Ozzie's 2 and Augie's 3 months. So it was full of magic and fun! There was the Gardner Christmas, the Bowen Christmas, the Swain Christmas, Christmas with Papaw Lucky, Christmas with our little family, Christmas at the Pucillos, Christmas with Santa and Christmas with the Kirbys. Ozzie went shopping at his school for his immediate family members and the girls did their shopping at Dollar Tree. There were far too many gifts given and recieved to list but highlights include Disney Infinity, Just Dance, Buzz Lightyear, dress up clothes, train tracks, a tablet, a chandelier, a mother's necklace, a smart fitness watch, handpainted signs, board games, a tricycle, a scooter, a car seat, a trumpet, a shield, a high chair, new bedding, Turtle toys, Frozen toys, guitars, snow boots, a baby pod, a jumperoo... Our elf Jolly provided lots of joy and all 3 big kids scramble to find him first thing every morning. He never once forgot to move this year! Santa brought gifts wrapped and stuffed into sacks this year which was a change that the kids enjoyed. We're so thankful for our extended families and looking forward to next year when Augie will get more out of it!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge

Jolly the elf brought with him a note saying that Santa was giving the kids an early Christmas gift - a trip to Great Wolf Lodge! Lolli and Poppy had been dying to go there forever so they were super excited. And Ozzie got very excited once he saw pictures and the web site. Ozzie had croup and Augie a bad cold a few days before the trip but everyone ended up being in ok health to make the journey. The kids were great in the car - even Augie! They didn't have to make any stops on the way there or home (It's in Cincinnati - a 2 hour drive). Lolli, Poppy and Ozzie bought wands and capes to play MagiQuest - a hotel-wide magical scavenger hunt. So fun! Santa came to the lobby with Mrs. Clause and there was even a horse-drawn carriage out front. There was story time in the lobby with real snow! Augie did ok. He had to be driven around once and had one mid-night crying spell but otherwise he was content to just be carried around constantly. Which is exhausting, of course, but Zach and Lauren made it work for the sake of the other kids. Because Ozzie had been sick and missed many naps, he insisted on being carried a lot, too. Broken backs and sore biceps for Z and L because that hotel is HUGE! Lolli and Poppy were so patient and well behaved. The best part of the lodge, of course, was the water park! Lolli was big enough to ride all the slides solo but she opted to go with Z or L on the bigger ones. Poppy went on one big one, then stuck to the kid-sized ones. Even Oz went down a big kid one. Their favorite part, though, was the wave pool. King's Island was right next door and Oz loved being able to see it from their balcony. At bed time, Lolli and Poppy slept in bunk beds in the wolf den, Zach and Oz slept in the bed and Lauren and Augie slept in the couch bed. All in all it was a great trip!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Ozzie's Christmas Program

Ozzie had his stage debut tonight! The show didn't start until 7pm which is bedtime for him - but he did great! He actually was the best performer of his class and he stole the show with his non-stop bouncing and excessive cuteness. Zach was sick and stayed home with Augie so Lauren and the girls could enjoy the show. The church was so crowded but Oz spotted his cheering section and sporadically waved and hollered hello during the show. So cute!